Gurkha Grand Reserve cigars are friends with high-ranking individuals and are famously known for being linked to President Bill Clinton when he was in office.

Also known as Gurkha Grand Reserve, these cigars are cognac-infused which gives them a distinct flavor that carries through the entire smoke. If you like cognac, chances are you’ll enjoy the Gurkha Grand Reserve too.

The Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo is a bullet-shaped cigar with a tapered end and comes in different wrappers. Either a natural or deep Maduro shade Connecticut Shade tobacco leaves offer two ways for you to enjoy this smoke that’s infused with cognac.

Regardless of whichever wrapper you go for, expect a premium handmade cigar rolled by artisans in Honduras. The meticulous construction ensures an even burn that lasts long; it takes about two hours for the 6.25-inch stick to burn down to the nub.

Although dominated by the taste of cognac infusion, there is still plenty of sweet tobacco and velvety smoke which pairs well with the liquor – making this an ideal choice for those who prefer milder flavors or have sensitive palates.

Each box of Gurkha Grand Reserve contains 30 sticks, each supplied in a wax-sealed glass tube so as to retain its aroma until it is lit. These luxurious cigars can be purchased individually as singles if given as gifts but they also make great additions to any order from



Gurkha Cigars occupy the higher end of the market when it comes to quality and price ranges. One particularly famous line under this brand is their range of cognac-infused cigars which have gained international recognition over time due to positive reviews from consumers around the world.

To further cement its reputation within this category, Gurkha introduced Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve; made using Remy Martin Louis XIII instead of typical Remy Martin while costing $1,500 for each Churchill size measuring 7.5 x 52 inch. It is said that Sir Winston Churchill used to enjoy smoking cigars paired with cognac, sometimes even going as far dipping his cigar into the drink so as to enhance its flavor.

This is not necessary with Gurkha Cigars however; instead, the tobacco leaves themselves are infused with cognac during production which involves a closely guarded secret technique. This ensures that every puff will deliver an authentic brandy-like taste without any added artificial flavors throughout the entire experience of smoking one from start till finish.

Apart from single sticks priced at $1,500 and budget-friendly boxes of thirty pieces, there are also smaller quantity options such as five packs from Gurkha available on the market today. These samplers retail for around $20-25 each making them ideal for those who want variety in their humidor or simply wish to try out something new among different blends within Gurkha’s range of offerings.


Country of Origin: Honduras

Strength: Mellow-Medium

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Smoke Time: Approx. 2 hours

Sizes Available:

Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo Natural (6.25 x 52)

Gurkha Grand Reserve Torpedo Maduro (6.25 x 52)


The cold draw produces a sweet aroma with just a hint of resistance when pulled upon – giving off an apple-like scent on top of other flavors that can be noticed through retrohaling this particular cigar before lighting up its foot end.


Let’s get down to it: the cognac. Kept in glass tubes sealed with a waxy coating, the Gurkha Grand Reserve keeps the full flavor of its brandy infusion. It isn’t overwhelming; instead, it’s a constant presence throughout the smoke. If you’re into Remy Martin, this is one stick you need to try.

Beneath that brandy taste, there are notes of sweetness and milk chocolate. The mouthfeel is smooth overall; it doesn’t have that harshness that liquor can bring. Even retrohales aren’t too intense, so you can really go deep into your journey with the Grand Reserve.


Halfway through this stick — yes, we’re still tasting cognac. But the creamy background starts to turn more toward a woody base here, like those barrels where brandy and cognac are aged.

It’s both contrasting and complementary; the fourth inch is one of the most interesting parts about smoking a Grand Reserve overall.


The taste of oak wood sticks around for the last third, lending further dryness to the Grand Reserve. By now, all that early cream has gone away — but the smoke and retrohales are still as velvety as ever.

It’s hard to say if this is lessening in our palates or if we’ve just gotten used to it at this point … but hey, either way? You can taste that liquor for minutes after minutes after minutes even when Grand Reserve has about an inch left on it — maybe even longer.


To say anything other than “this stick is dominated by its cognac infusion” would be disingenuous. That’s what Gurkha Cigars set out for with their premium portfolio and priced $1,500 sticks like His Majesty’s Reserve around! But if you ain’t got that kind of money to blow or need something a little less strong, then the Grand Reserve Torpedo is an excellent option.

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