Smaller ring gauges are now a feature of the Cuban cigar scene. These cigars can boost your smoking experience by increasing the amount of flavor that you get despite the fact that many Americans may be turned off by the thought of such a small smoke.

The first time this particular cigar was released, it was done so in a limited run during 1992 and then two years later found its way into the world again. It was intended to celebrate Columbus’ landing on what is now known as The New World 500 years ago. However, the Cubans would call this size Mareva, not petite corona like us – although it’s still 5×42 in dimensions.


Constructed at El Laguito factory nestled away in Havana city where most Cohibas have been made for over half-a-century; this place rolls only Cuban Cohibas — one of which happens to be our beloved Siglo II!

Though made with same kinds of tobacco leaves used in earlier Cohiba Cuban cigars; due to its proportions it tends towards mellower flavours than other blends from same marque might offer up . Our Cohiba Siglo 2 review begins softly , featuring faint undertones mainly comprised cedar combined light coffee taste.

A few draws later all sorts start happening here , chocolates mixed nuts aroma mingle together creating harmony on palate throughout even until last puff when creamy coffee flavors transition into earthy hints following bitter sweet cocoa background alternating between swirls around tongue just before finally settling down somewhere behind lips waiting another chance come out mouth… What I’m trying say is that there’s never dull moment with any good marevas like these ones! And yes they burn slow & straight till end myself didn’t have touch-up single time! So hour long smoke times aren’t unrealistic after all – especially if you’re lucky enough find some old stock which hasn’t dried out yet….

Obviously finding an authentic Cuban cigar can be quite difficult within United States borders; however many Nicaraguan manufacturers produce cigars which are on par with their Cuban counterparts. For example Drew estate has been rolling and blending Herrera Esteli Habano in traditional cuban style that provides similar flavor profiles as the Cohiba Siglo II. Also, the short corona shares a very close size & ring gauge to original Siglo Dos.

Just in case you ever get chance travel outside country do yourself favor visit at least one store selling authentic Cubans – trust me it’ll change your life forever! And if time is factor but desire still burns strong light up Cuban Cohiba Siglos II while taking hour or so vacation from reality…

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