The Gurkha Cigars reviews are coming thick and fast, with this one following hot on the heels of our detailed insight into the Gurkha Cafe Tabac Red Head Cherry. We’re sticking with the flavored Gurkha Cafe Tabac trio, which was reinstated into cigar circles in 2018 after a decade in the wilderness.

Out of the three, the company describes the White Rascal Vanilla as a bourbon cigar. Manufactured at PDR Cigars’ Blue Star Cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, let’s see how this 4 x 32 small panetela fared at combining naturally rich tobacco flavors with creamy sweet vanilla.


Revered by the British army for their bravery and regarded as the fiercest soldiers to take up arms, the Brigade of Gurkhas inspired Brits to refer call homemade stogies as “Gurkhas.” This was during the late 1800s when the British Empire ruled vast parts of the globe, spreading the Gurkha name through its colonies most notably India (see below).

A century passed before Gurkha Cigars became synonymous with luxury smokes, exceptional blends and unique flavor profiles that today’s connoisseurs crave and love. Rewind back to 1989 and a holiday to Goa, India that resulted in savvy businessman Kaizad Hansotia swapping selling luxury watches in his family business for meticulously handcrafted cigars.


After buying over brand for just $149 from Portuguese man, Hansotia never planned on making money out these high-end smokes; he wanted give them away friends who ran duty free shops however they sent some boxes back instead which lead demand shooting through roof charlie torano current president torano cigars agreed roll gurkha first ever cigats.

In short order established themselves as premium cigar manufacturer even getting their glorious smokes into white house during 1990’s.

Now produced in the Dominican Republic, Gurkha Cigars have gone from strength to strength with critical acclaim and accolades coming in from tobacconists worldwide. while still being go to stogie for opulence and quality they have broadened appeal with budget offerings such as the Gurkha Cafe Tabac series.


Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Sizes Available: Gurkha Cafe Tabac White Rascal Vanilla (4 x 32)


The semi sweet aroma off the wrapper isn’t as potent as the cold draw itself which leaves delicious vanilla purring on my palate. There are also some subtle baking spices present that made for a nice few dry puffs, let’s see what other flavor notes came to fruition in this quick smoke size once I’d torched foot.


Housing highly rated blend spicy flavorful tobacco first third was always going to be an explosive affair and it didn’t disappoint. Throughout there was a powerful spice laced pepperiness underpinned by creamy bursts of vanilla and maple syrup with a little citrus zing on finish that hung around my palate after smoke had settled.


For a petit smoke size the Cafe Tabac Vanilla was showing itself to be giant when it comes to flavour notes. The second third delivered more velvety smoothness in caramel territory butterscotch honey – you name it!

In the final third, as pepper spice has receded into the background, flavors of cigar become incredibly sweet and creamy which adds richness to already flavorful tobacco.


A vanilla note ran throughout this entire smoke; and even as I approached the nub, not this little rascal would get up to mischief. Layers of honeyed vanilla cream, cold draw baking spice (cinnamon), nuts jostled for position before an aftertaste of rich spice added some balance to its flavor profile.


According to its description as being a “great cigar after a long day at the office,” you won’t be disappointed if pairing this with cream soda or your favorite spirit due to the strong aroma of rich vanillas that wafts from Gurkha Cafe Tabac White Rascal Vanilla.

This 15-20 minute smoke shows that Gurkha can deliver luxury and big flavors in small packages. Explore the flavored cigar arena today with 10 tins of 5 cigars each available on for $130.00!

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