Crowned Heads Juarez Jack Brown begins to amp up the strength as it burns through the second third, with black pepper adding a strong spice kick. The earthiness takes on a more mineral note, and there’s still plenty of chocolate to enjoy. Coffee grounds add bitterness to the retrohales, which are tingly on the nose and bring out some sweetness in the smoke.

The final third sees Crowned Heads Juarez really hit its stride. There’s rich cedar wood and dark chocolate from the Mexican San Andres wrapper, and flavors continue to deepen with roasted nuts and leather. The retrohales burn hotter now, with spices like cinnamon coming into play alongside smooth tobacco smoke.


Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Juarez is a complex cigar that will keep your taste buds busy throughout the 1-2 hour smoking experience. It’s not overpowering in terms of strength, but there’s plenty going on flavor-wise that will keep you engaged.


The construction is flawless across all vitolas we tested for this Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Juarez review – not one issue with draw or burn, just perfect performance from start to finish.

Should I Buy It?

If you’re familiar with Crowned Heads cigars or a fan of Mexican tobacco in general, then absolutely yes! This is another winner from Jon Huber and his team that showcases their blending expertise perfectly.

For those new to Crowned Heads or looking for something different in their humidor, Crowned Heads Jericho Hill Juarez is a fantastic choice. It offers great value for money without compromising on flavor or quality construction.

And if you’re a fan of medium-full bodied cigars that are balanced but full of complexity, then again – yes! You won’t be disappointed by what Crowned Heads has achieved with this latest addition to their range.


In summary – do yourself a favor and try out some Crowned Heads Juarez cigars. Whether you opt for a single, a 5-pack or a box, the value for money is fantastic and each one offers an enjoyable smoking experience that will keep you coming back for more.

How Strong is the Juarez?

Juarez falls on the stronger side of things similar to its predecessor Jericho Hill. This hand-made premium cigar takes time to burn, it has a complex flavor profile overall as the retrohales offer something quite different from the initial smoke. Pair it with a cappuccino and you’re in heaven as Juarez mirrors the bittersweet balance of this drink, or take it alone while identifying all those different tastes and top notes in what can only be described as an extremely satisfying blend.

Final Thoughts

In this Juarez cigar review, I can say that they were right about it being wallet-friendly but not necessarily cheap! It gives off flavors throughout every aspect starting with an amazing cold draw which only intensifies till the end when there’s no more left to burn.

It comes in singles or packs of 20/50 so there’s many opportunities at these great prices for such quality cigars!!!

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