Hey there! Ready to dive into the world of San Cristobal Revelation cigars? This review will unpack everything from the robust flavors to its remarkable craftsmanship. Let’s get started!

A Little About San Cristobal Cigars

So, what’s the story behind San Cristobal Cigars? These beauties trace their roots back to Cuban artisan hand-rolling traditions. Jose Pepin Garcia, famously known as Pepin, started his cigar journey at just 11 years old. Over the years, he’s become a big name in Nicaraguan cigars.


The Famous San Cristobal Lineup

Wondering what San Cristobal is famous for? They’ve got four main types of cigars, each with unique sizes like Legend and Leviathan. These aren’t just any cigars; they’re a testament to quality and craftsmanship!

San Cristobal Original

This was the first blend they ever made, and man, it sets the standard high! If you’re into complex flavors and a rich texture, this Nicaraguan puro is your go-to.

San Cristobal Elegancia

If you prefer something lighter, the Elegancia with its Ecuador Connecticut wrapper brings a creamy, nutty flavor that’s a total crowd-pleaser. It’s perfect for beginners wanting to explore without getting overwhelmed.

San Cristobal Ovation

Looking for something special? The Ovation is a limited-edition gem with a dark Oscuro wrapper. It’s rich with flavors of wood, cocoa, and hickory. Totally worth hunting down!

Diving Into the San Cristobal Revelation Line

Launched in 2013, the Revelation has quickly become a fan favorite. It’s packed with deep flavors and that signature pepper spice that Pepin is known for.

What to Expect from the Cold Draw

Right off the bat, you’ll taste rich cocoa, caramel, and a hint of citrus, setting the stage for a spicy and earthy experience.

Flavor Journey

This medium-strength cigar offers a depth of flavor that keeps you hooked without overwhelming your senses.

First Third

The start is sweet with a spicy kick and hints of citrus and chocolate as you smoke.

Second Third

The flavor deepens with hay and a peppery spice making a strong appearance.

Final Third

It ends strong with lasting pepper and a comeback of the chocolate and cedar wood flavors. What a ride!

Checking Out the Construction

Pepin doesn’t mess around when it comes to construction. This stick is nearly flawless with invisible seams and a neat triple cap. It feels solid yet has a gentle give along its length.

Final Thoughts

Loved this peek into the San Cristobal Revelation? Why not try one yourself? They’re available in singles or boxes of 24 if you’re looking to save a bit. Plus, with six sizes, there’s a perfect one just waiting for you.

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