If the most important scientists of today ever need to test whether greatness in cigar making runs in a person’s genes, then they could use the Psyko Seven Nicaragua cigar as a very dependent variable.

The Psyko 7 Nicaragua is a first-time collaboration between Ventura Cigar Company and Indiana Ortez – the daughter of famous cigar blender Omar Ortez. It is made up entirely of tobaccos grown on the Ortez family farm.

Indiana has definitely learned many valuable things from her father over time but she is an intuitive mixer herself as proven by her family-oriented and limited release ‘Archetype Fathers, Friends & Fire’ sticks which came out in 2016.

My spirit (and soon to be smoke) gets filled with joy when I think about Indiana’s love for her Nicaraguan roots, her family’s rich tobacco heritage, and where she stands in relation to other young Nicaraguan tobacco growers.

So let’s see if this three-vitola line really does capture the “land of lakes and volcanoes” spirit, uncompromising craftsmanship, and light ‘em up culture that Nicaragua is famous for according to our Psyko Seven review.



The first thing you’ll notice about this cigar is its large prescription-style band – like one you’d expect to find on a medicine bottle. It gives away some information about how the Psyko 7 Nicaragua came into existence and also features Indiana Ortez’s signature.

The ‘Psyko Seven’ text itself is written in a scribbled style and stencil font combination which reminds me of urban graffiti art – the kind you’d find on a band t-shirt to add an element of intrigue.

For those who haven’t lived and breathed cigars to the extent of the Ortez clan, there are some instructions on how to remove the band before lighting up. This reveals a 2007-vintage Nicaraguan Connecticut desflorado wrapper that has been beautifully sun grown.

Desflorado may sound elegant but it is actually the Spanish word for ‘deflowered’, which reflects the deflowering process that’s undergone to direct more nutrients to the leaf itself for a stronger flavor.

Being all-Nicaraguan, we see a native binder and fillers from Condega, Estelí, and Jalapa. The smell from the wrapper is creamy leather while the foot brings forth light cereal notes.

This cigar feels quite firm when held as it is tightly packed – my advice would be to gently squeeze this stick due to its delicate and fragile Connecticut wrapper that can easily crack or split if rough handled.

Now I’m itching to bring my cigar alive but let’s first see where this cold draw transports me.


Before I release smoke from my stogie, what comes to mind with each pre-light draw I take is warmth and cosiness around firesides. There are toasted wood notes with an unmistakable pine scent too whilst subtly smelling like golden-hay which is gloriously sweet akin rolling in hayfields.


Ortez’s blending style was shown in the richness and depth of flavor that contrasting notes of earth, peppery spices, caramel and creamy leather provided. To tantalize the palate of the smoker with rich nuanced flavors throughout the smoking experience while avoiding unnecessary strength is her approach.

The Psyko 7 Nicaragua is a lighter cigar, which makes it enjoyable by delivering a well-balanced flavor profile that is a little meeker in body than a typical Nicaraguan.


There was something about those first couple puffs that seemed downright provocative. They kicked off with more oomph than a normal Connecticut Shade, injecting black pepper and spicy cedar into the mix. Also revealing itself on the post draw was fuller presence of black pepper along with some dry cocoa.

As I move past these initial stages, pepper steps aside for a subtle creaminess to take over. At this point strength and body are sitting just below medium.


For me, it felt like during this second third my cigar was trying to find its sweet spot when it comes to bringing all these flavors together in undivided bliss. It’s like if you took nuttiness layered under charred wood then drizzled burnt butter on top before finishing off by infusing vanilla extract across everything. Also, some classic Nicaraguan puro touches of earth settle into middle part of profile.

On retrohale comes smooth silky cocoa but black pepper that dominated first third decides not to die down but rather burn out instead.


Even though I’m getting close to finish line there still remains good amount of creaminess as foundation for flavor. Some butterscotch gets picked up along with velvety caramel and leather although interesting changes of pace keep happening – especially in second half Final Third.

Retrohale suggests disappearing act by black pepper was only temporary while full-bodied flavors build until they climax at earth & char point.


Never did the Psyko 7 Nicaragua come across overly strong to me at any point throughout my smoke. I thought the flavors’ cumulative effect kept getting smoother and more complex as I went down stick.


This cigar burned slow and had an easy draw from start to finish. Creamy profile makes it a great pairing for coffee drinkers – especially those who love their cappuccinos extra frothy.

The Psyko 7 Nicaragua offers up a savory Nicaraguan puro blend that is unique & affordable compared to rest of Psyko 7 line – do yourself a favor and check out this smoke paying tribute to Ortez’s father’s investment in her growth as well as rising talent.

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