The second third of the alec bradley magic toast brings some changes. The initial blast of white pepper has faded, but the retro-hale still has a nice tickle to it. That malty flavor is still present in spades and is joined by some tangy leather; it’s like i’m smoking a malted breakfast sandwich. There is also some espresso, which adds bitterness to the overall flavor.

The burn line starts off slightly thick but corrects itself within an inch or so. The ash holds on for about an inch before falling off in large chunks.

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Flavor profile: First third

The last third of this cigar sees a slight shift in profile once again. The tangy leather from earlier fades away and is replaced by a creamy nuttiness that sits alongside the malt and espresso. The earthiness remains constant throughout.


The burn line continues to be well-behaved, and the draw opens up just enough to allow for fuller flavors without becoming too loose.

Overall, this has been a fantastic smoke that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys medium-bodied cigars with a good amount of complexity.


  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Strength: Medium-Full
  • Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder: Nicaragua/Honduras
  • Filler: Nicaragua/Honduras
  • Sizes Available:

Alec bradley magic toast review – final thoughts

There are many reasons why I love this cigar. It’s got great construction, a beautiful appearance, and an interesting backstory. But most importantly, it delivers on flavor.

From start to finish, there was never a dull moment with the magic toast. The transitions were smooth but pronounced enough that each section felt different from the last. And while there was plenty of complexity here, everything worked together harmoniously.

This is definitely one that I will be keeping on hand for future smoke sessions, possibly paired with some whiskey or coffee to really bring out those rich flavors.

Halfway through the second third, the sweet wood from the pre-light draw made its move. Still, this did not change the flavor profile dramatically; strong coffee and earthy flavors are still at the center, working their magic with leather and sweet cocoa accents.

This is where things get creamy. Each puff fills my mouth with thick, chewy smoke that I love a lot.

Flavor profile: Final third

Some may expect a toasty note from earlier on but it’s gone away some at this point – what stands out now is an increased peppery zest that lingers in your palate after finishing each draw.

The last third takes on a maduro character as rich dark chocolate and black pepper hit you hard while leaving a light sweetness behind. There were times when I could taste anise which made for such intense aromatics given how different this blend of honduran and nicaraguan tobacco is.


Alec bradley has become well known in the cigar industry thanks to their commitment towards quality cigars coupled with passion for producing them. Magic toast by alec bradley can be considered another one of these greats worthy enough for inclusion into any aficionado’s collection or humidor; although it lacks intricacies suggested by its name, yet possesses solid consistency throughout its entire duration making it worth trying out especially if you’re new around here!

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