Oliva Cigars are currently one of the most famous brands on the market. It has a huge portfolio with many highly rated blends that can satisfy any flavor preferences and budget of an aficionado. However, sometimes such diversity might be confusing if you want to start with Oliva.

So, let’s talk about Oliva Cigars itself and what made it so popular among smokers all around the world.


Each cigar under Oliva brand is made by hand in Esteli, Nicaragua at Tabacalera Oliva de Nicaragua S.A. owned by the Oliva family (often called TABOLISA for short). Since 2003, all their cigars have been produced at TABOLISA factory and in 2019 another factory was opened – TABOLISA II.

Previously, Honduran Plasencia family used to make Oliva cigars by hand but they were mixed with some Nicaraguan tobacco grown by Olivas. Although the first cigar under this brand came out only in 1995 during peak times of cigar boom, premium tobacco for this stick has been grown by them for a long time already.

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The father of the family – Melanio Oliva started growing tobacco back in Cuba in 1886 in Pinar del Rio which is also known as famous region now; there they grew top-quality cigar tobaccos until Castro’s revolution ruined everything during 1960s so later his grandson Gilberto Sr decided to look elsewhere around globe where he can recreate Cuban flavors using these leaves and ended up choosing Nicaragua.

But unfortunately not for long because after Sandinista revolution took place there olivases were forced out into Honduras across its border until about 10 years when things cooled down a bit then Gilberto returned back again but now at new home located within borders of Nicaragua. This long history coupled with tradition behind cultivating tobacco is why Olivas are so good.

In 2016 J.Cortes bought Oliva Cigars, which is owned by Vandermarliere family and they make popular machine-made cigars for European market; however descendants of Melanio Oliva still have great input into making all different kinds of Olivas even after this acquisition thus ensuring that it remains one topmost brands among premium stogies worldwide.


If we talk about awards and popularity then probably most people would agree that Serie V Melanio has earned this title. But it doesn’t mean that Serie V Melanio will be the best for you. Every palate is unique and may not find flavors of this particular stick within its range – perhaps what suits yours more could be Connecticut Reserve with smoothness or maybe G’s nutty toastiness appeals better to your taste buds than anything else.



As mentioned above, not only is Serie V Melanio the most famous and highly regarded line from Oliva but also in whole industry. You can hardly find a retail shop without at least one box every year being listed on Cigar Aficionado top25 list should indicate how well-known it

The Ecuadorian Connecticut shade-grown wrapper on the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is what gives it a buttery smoothness and mild flavor. The filler and binder are both Nicaraguan, but they are lighter than the tobacco used in other, fuller bodied Olivas. This blend creates flavors of cedar, cream, toast, and earth with a hint of white pepper on the finish.


Among aficionados, the Oliva Serie V is another popular choice. Despite the fact that it may be perplexing, there are some key differences between the Serie V and Serie V Melanio that separate them from each other, with the largest being their wrappers. The flavor of a cigar is majorly influenced by its wrapper; however, in this case, the Oliva’s Nicaraguan long filler and binder leaf has got a Sungrown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper on top of it. This results in a medium-full-bodied profile full of pepper, espresso beans, chocolates and leathers.

Another difference between the Oliva Serie V and the Serie V Melanio is how they are rolled. The typical shape for a serie v is classic rounded cylindrical but the melanio is almost always box pressed. These varying styles will not change much concerning flavor but will provide completely different smoking experiences. Rounded cigars draw slightly more freely than box-pressed ones while they also tend to burn faster.


The reason why people like Oliva Serie O so much is because it features pure Cuban seed crops grown by Oliva family company throughout Nicaragua. Each region provides different aspects to these leaves such as Jalapa, Esteli and Condega hence bringing about unique attributes into this blend which has been concluded with silky smooth finishing touch of Nicaraguan habano sun grown wrapper.

These tobaccos coming from every corner of Nicaragua yield an apparently intricate amalgamation of zesty spices followed by leather coffee cedar and tobacco sweetness (Oliva Connecticut Reserve). For anyone seeking for Cuba-like taste without flying abroad or oceans covering continents then the Cuban inspired Oliva Serie O should be your option. It can be acquired at a fraction of cost compared to air ticket!


A standout within the line-up associated with oliva cigars certainly includes oliva serie g that offers distinct flavors from its delicate african cameroon wrapper. Despite the delicacy of Cameroon wrappers, most of the Serie G sizes are box pressed. At one time quite a few cigars on the United States market used Cameroon leaf in their construction but political unrest nearly killed off this highly desired wrapper.

The filling blend is Nicaraguan Sun Grown tobaccos while the core consists of Cameroon wrapper for Oliva Serie G. The Cameroon brings to this cigar a taste of toast and cedar that complements well with richness of the sun-grown fillers thus giving it a medium-body and more traditional smoke similar to what was there in yesteryears.


Oliva Connecticut Reserve is an excellent choice if you want smooth creamy flavours especially if you are new to stronger richer blends. The Oliva Connecticut Reserve has a light Ecuadorian Connecticut shade-grown wrapper that is golden-tan in colour, as its name suggests.

Covering another blend of Nicaraguan Cuban-seed tobaccos grown by the Oliva family, this striking Connecticut-seed wrapper imparts a mellower yet still flavorful profile filled with baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, caramel, creamed coffee Woody notes & sweetness hints. You can always bank on having a satisfying session no matter how experienced or what time you choose to enjoy it since there’s nothing like the Oliva Connecticut Reserve.


This list only covers a small portion of all the different cigars available from Oliva Cigars. There are also maduro versions of most of those blends. At least twelve more blends made by Oliva Cigars deserve attention and praise as well–among them being the understate Master Blends 3.

Now that you know what to expect from Oliva Cigars, there’s nothing stopping you! Happy hunting through our catalogues; may each new smoke bring great joy!

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