Discovering good cigar brands for beginners can be challenging because the industry is filled with so many options.

As a beginner, it can be quite overwhelming to find a good cigar brand that you resonate with because there are so many options. Cigars come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as offering a vast range of flavor profiles.

Those smoking cigars for the first time should start with mild or medium-bodied cigars. These cigars would offer a smoother smoking experience than some of the stronger options.

Let’s take a look at a variety of cigars and scope out the best ones to try for your first smoke.


To give an exact number of cigar brands is nearly impossible due to the vast amount of different brands within the industry. This number fluctuates frequently as new ones may pop up while others may go out.


Some brands also merge together which further skews this total figure.

A rough estimate on how many cigar brands there are worldwide would easily be in the hundreds.


Out of all those hundreds available around world wide selection only consists few have consistently provided top-quality products over years becoming much loved by smokers everywhere along their journey towards becoming mainstream name recognition status – these include Cohiba; Montecristo; Romeo Y Julieta; Partagas etc., each one having had success selling premium handmade cigars made using only finest aged tobaccos rolled expertly into long filler leaf ensuring perfect draw every time!  

And not forgetting Padron which is another great example where they use Nicaraguan grown tobacco throughout blending process creating some truly amazing flavors such as those found within 1964 Anniversary Series or 1926 Serie Maduro line-ups!


Davidoff boasts plenty among its offerings too -like Davidoff Winston Churchill blend-, Ashton VSG’s rich full-bodied flavor profile may suit someone looking for strong smoke while still being smooth on palate thanks to Avo Syncro Nicaragua which features notes of coffee bean among others should do trick nicely.

In terms of popularity Dominican Republic holds it own with brands like Ashton, Avo, and Davidoff all being favorites among many smokers. These luxurious sticks are known for their high-end options such as the Davidoff Winston Churchill, the Ashton VSG or even an Avo Syncro Nicaragua.

But given that everyone has different tastes when it comes down too cigars there really is no way to determine what truly stands out from rest when we talk about famous ones alone without mentioning any particular cigar’s suitability beginners serve your purpose well enough.


When starting off on this hobby journey we often get tempted into buying lower priced products thinking they will be just as good ; however; that not always case especially within premium handmade category where quality counts more than anything else including price tag itself- so do some research beforehand & choose wisely!

One may either find a cheap cigar that lacks flavor and poor construction or one that gives a good smoking experience within their budget.


Although some people argue against spending much money upfront as novice smoker due limited knowledge thereon but eventually most realize there better benefits associated with investing in higher end stuff later down line.

For example, certain aged under controlled conditions allowing them develop mature these latter options likely offer richer flavors compared initial lower grade counterparts whatever happens whether choose invest expensive go for cheaper alternative always important remain vigilant ensuring select reputable company whose products can guarantee enjoyable smoking session every single time!


When you are starting out with cigar smoking, it takes a lot of effort to find some good brands for your first few smokes. It can help a lot to get suggestions from those who already smoke cigars.

Aside from this, if you go to the local cigar store, they will have employees who know what they’re talking about when it comes to size, strength and flavor profiles.

Sampler packs are a great way of trying different cigars without having to buy an entire box– This is amazing for beginners as it allows them to taste many flavors without spending too much money.

Another thing that may be helpful is using online resources such as cigar reviews by experienced smokers on YouTube or TikTok, or even blogs like this one!

Arturo Fuente is a very popular brand that offers a wide variety of cigars so they would be a great place for anyone new at this. Their Hemingway series has mellow-bodied strength and earthy/woody/spicy flavors. It’s a delicious smoke which introduces blended flavors in an easy-going manner.

If you want quality blended sticks with various types of blends then Romeo y Julieta maybe the brand for you. The Romeo Y Julieta 1875 series is one of their most famous lines for beginners — but don’t let the word “beginner” fool you – experienced smokers love these too!

Perdomo Cigars are another good option if looking for something high in quality but not too strong on the palate. They have many different types which would suit any beginner’s taste buds; however I think Perdomo Champagne Series could be their best bet as it’s mild with scotch/almond/earth notes throughout the stick.

Montecristo is one of those brands loved by all levels from newbies right up until seasoned stogies! They produce some fantastic premium options amongst other things.. Montecristo White Series being one such example – although these are mild they still offer plenty of flavor such as cocoa/sweet cream/nuts.

Next up we have Macanudo – a widely known brand that tends to produce milder/mellow cigars for those who don’t like too much strength in their smoke. The Macanudo Café line is ideal if you are after a smooth smoking experience with minimum power behind each draw.

Finally, Ashton is famous for its top notch construction and consistent flavors which always hit the spot

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