Without music, the world would be silent. The Crowned Heads’ cigars are nothing if not loud. The Crowned Heads CHC Serie E is no different in that regard than many of their other releases; it began with a song—an earth-shaking electric guitar instrumental.

“Eruption” was performed by Eddie Van Halen (EVH) and remains famous for his use of the revolutionary two-handed tapping technique he pioneered in the late 1970s.

The original CHC Reserve line debuted in 2018, with the CHC Series E coming onto the scene three years later at the PCA (Premium Cigar Association) Trade Show.

In what he describes as a “dance on the edge between technical mastery and random entropy,” Crowned Heads co-founder Jon Huber likens every part of smoking the Serie E to a wildly innovative guitar solo.


Whether it’s cutting and lighting as a metaphor for a powerful but effective drum and bass intro or whammy bar bending dive bombs related to how long the cigar sticks around on your palate, one cannot help but get amped up by this smoke’s sonic inspiration.

Even its branding hits all right notes, with a red, black and white band (complete with gold accents) paying homage to EVH’s self-built and terrifyingly-nicknamed “Frankenstein” guitar.

The Serie E comes in four popular sizes, with another subtle tribute to the late six-string icon being made through its 5150 (5.50 x 50) vitola. This magic number figured heavily into both bands’ (and Eddie’s) history—signifying their first album with singer Sammy Hagar—and also served as the name for their recording studio.

Val Halen got wind of such things when he thought up an endorsement deal between Kramer guitars that led him to launch what would become known as the 5150 Baretta guitar model after having named his new recording studio after a California law enforcement term for mentally-disturbed individuals.

Will this cigar give me a flavor eruption? Let’s find out in our Crowned Heads CHC Serie E review.


Crowned Heads is the undisputed king of music-inspired cigars. Other smoke brands crank it up for Johnny Cash, Kings Of Leon, and Led Zeppelin. Founded in 2011, Crowned heads operates under an artisanal approach to cigar-making with founders Huber and Mike Condor both being audiophiles.

Located in a warehouse district of Nashville that feels more like an eternal Tuesday evening than anywhere else on earth—let alone next door to what must be the world’s saddest pet crematorium—the brand is all about analogies. The band is Crowned heads, and each blend represents an album—each has its own signature ‘sound’ or flavor journey; Four Kicks being the debut ‘LP,’ while Headley Grange was hoping not to suffer from “difficult second album” syndrome.


Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium – Full

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua (Jalapa, Ometepe, and Pueblo Nuevo)

Sizes Available:

Crowned Heads CHC Serie E 5150 (5.5 x 50)

Crowned Heads CHC Serie E Hermoso No.2 (6.12 x 48)

Crowned Heads CHC Serie E Petite Edmundo (4.38 x 52)

Crowned Heads CHC Serie E Sublime (6.5 x 54)

I take my Serie E from a 20-count boîte de luxe, whose inner lid boasts the same design seen on EVH’s guitar. The wrapper smells like rock ‘n’ roll royalty (albeit unintentionally), with slight notes of brown sugar (surely a nod to The Rolling Stones) and cedar. The foot carries aromas of dark chocolate, sweet hay and heavenly vanilla.

A straight cut exposes a delicious cold draw that speaks to me in aged cedar, dried fruits and raisins.


It’s time to turn this smoke up to 11 as I light up my Serie E. There’s a fair amount of strength right off the bat in the opening riff—baking spices, leather, toasted cedar and some occasional vanilla.

The flavors come at you pretty fast like the song does with bursts of melody, fretting in and out is what seems like just a touch of citrus, but I’m most interested in this strawberry preserve-type note that adds such wonderfully rich sweet berry flavor along with gentle sweetness to the warm buttery profile.


As we move into the second third, this jammy sweetness lingers on my palate; however, it gets bolder as heavy doses of black pepper, espresso beans, spices and oak join the mix. Baking spices return alongside earthiness that’s dying for a leap of faith later on during the second third.

There are woody notes on the retrohale but lasting sweetness keeps any bitterness away.


The last third is really where this CHC Serie E takes me for a ride — sitting back with chocolate bars aplenty! Oak has married caramel while leather provides an old world feel to my tastebuds which also experienced some kind of earthy patience followed by a mushroom that was savory umami tang through-out its life span within these boundaries.


Like all songs inspired by them too should be complex or cryptic enough in nature due their constantly changing lyrics but this Crowned Heads Serie E CHC does not disappoint! Its rockstar profile is full of deep, rich flavors (both savory and sweet) that effortlessly fret with each other. It’s a cigar fit for the late, great EVH.

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